Do You Still Want Me??

Do You Still Want Me?

Bit dramatic?

Maybe so, but things are a changing and I need you to talk to me? So, now that I have your attention I need a little something from you…

As of May 25th the law is changing on how data is stored and GDPR legislation is being updated. It’s all for the greater good but it does mean that you have to actively ‘opt in’ to receive emails from me in the future. I love my subscribers so much and would hate for them to miss out on any future drivel I may etch out here on this blog so please, do me a favour and fill in the form again below just so that I definitely know you want to stick around. You can leave me a little happy message too if you fancy, something like ‘your blog posts bring meaning to my life’ or just ‘opt in’ if you’re having a terribly non-creative day. Thanks again to all you lovely readers and see you on the other side (of May 25th) (aka May 26th).

Lots of love,

Alex. x

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