Four heads, an extra toe and superhuman powers

Lusso water-known for its healing properties (high mineral content) and for being slightly radioactive, but apparently that’s a good thing, whatever-it certainly keeps you regular. After filling up the bottles it was time for an ice-cream…



Off to Lusso Palace. We love this place. It’s great for games of hide and seek or tag and India likes to look for the spot where her favourite flower grows – Bird of Paradise. The Prince who commissioned it had 300 varieties of trees shipped in to be planted and as a result its so beautiful, and the trees stand so very tall.


A gothic palace, the corridors are decorated in tiled murals, each one by a different famous Portuguese Artist of the time and each one telling a story from ancient folk law or literature. Some are quite gruesome but all are very pretty.

In the cafe we badgered the kids into trying our espressos, (like they need anymore energy) – guess which one liked it!? Rémy obviously, did I even need to tell you?

It’s a really magical place.





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