Good ol’ fashioned fun time

My kids are allowed a little bit of screen time every day, from when they wake up till when we have breakfast. And that’s it. Most of the time they don’t argue with this but most of the time they have plenty of other things on hand to occupy them; Lego, books, craft stuff, remote controlled helicopters. I did wonder how we’d get on, a month here in Portugal minus their usual plastic tat surrounding them. Granted, the pool gets most of the attention and I’ve got to say-even Indias swimming has improved massively.

Rémy seems to have inherited her uncle Ben and Grandma Snaith’s genes when it comes to water, she has no fear and was swimming properly after 2 days (and that was after I’d had to jump in and stop her drowning!) Her preferable choice of swimwear is her birthday suit so it’s been hard finding a photo which doesn’t expose her too much. Here she is with one arm band-she may be going round in circles but when the other armband snapped her swimming improved big time!

Once they’re out of the pool tho, they’re still not requesting their DS or iPod touch. Today I heard India saying ‘but you have to get that for me because you’re my princess slave’ to which Rémy replied ‘oh yes, I forgot’. I managed to get them to pose, India sporting a rather nice Queens toga.

20130804-182700.jpg And, whilst Cam was here last week he played spies with his cousin Skye, running circles around the house with their plastic bow and arrows, shooting at imaginary enemies. Very cute. Or, they collect flotsam and jetsam from the garden to make fairy houses. Or, they fill up the rubber dingy with toys and pretend they’re sailing away; yesterday’s destination was Scotland-America. (I’ve not watched the news since Rich left so maybe tectonic plate movements have merged these 2 great nations!? Wow-can you imagine the cuisine that would come out of that new country, deep fried beef burgers and battered French fries. Awesome!)
So, to answer a few of your email questions; yes, the kids have settled in fine. I just need my play mate back now.
Although, that said, Lorraine (the girls’ aunty) is currently en route to join us as we speak. This makes me very happy, just hope she gets here safely… Laters.

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  1. Mark Earley says:

    Looking good Rich!! Didn’t know you were a fashion icon!

  2. Stoffer says:

    I’m surprised that the kids even get a look-in (not the old teens comic from the 80s by the way) when Richie & Lego are together! 😉

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