Inferno Pizza – Nottingham


Inferno Pizza

There are dozens of places to go for a quick bite in Nottingham – those times when you’re so hungry even ‘Wimpy’ in the Broadmarsh Centre makes your mouth water! Don’t do it!!! Skip to Inferno instead – on Milton street, opposite the Victoria Centre old train station clock.

The claim is their oven is so hot (900 degree’s!) that your pizza is cooked in 3 minutes, and if your love for pizza is anything like my family’s – it’ll be gone in 3 minutes too.


We can be quite particular about pizza in our household – the base has to be thin and the right crisp, the tomato sauce has to be gooood, and you can’t beat some jalapeno’s, But the rest is subjective, and why the heck not when there are 50 different toppings to choose from!


All Inferno’s pizza’s are 11 inches and for £6.95 you get a choice of 4 sauces, 7 cheeses then any topping you want – including a hard boiled egg if you’re feeling like that jog from Wimpy’s, Broadmarsh, required some extra protein. (I shouldn’t knock it, I’ve never tried it, but I’m afraid that poultryfied piece of elipticalness will have to queue up – I’m getting the meatball topping next time!)

And don’t worry – if the sheer amount of choice discombobulates you, just leave the matter in Inferno’s hands and stick to one of their ready-thought out options. The ‘Errm..Pepperoni’ is always a hit with us.

Open from 12pm Sunday to Thursday, 11am Fridays & Saturdays. Eat in or take away.

This may be a fast food joint but the quality and freshness are first-rate and the staff are so friendly and patient they easily get 10/10.


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  1. Hiya Alex. Sounds like a great place. As for your photo issues, are you uploading photos taken on an iPhone or iPad? If so, this article may shed some light on your problem:
    Enjoying your blog by the way.

    1. Alex says:

      Thanks Chris!!!

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