Mallorca – The Dogs Balearics!


There’s something so comforting about islands – like a good slipper. And, as we fly in to land and can see this sea-locked green jewel beneath us, I feel like I just gave out the longest breath of relief after the month from hell, for my March was ghastly!


An hour later, whence parked on a sunlounger with my first Rum and Coke at The Gran Camp de Mar I was more than grateful for my sunglasses as a little emotional tear rolled out at the rescuing delight that the next few days involved nothing but sunshine, a good book, the company of my bhf (best husband forever) and this beautiful spot on this beautiful island. Not that I ever question the skill of my hubby’s ability to always find us the best spots, I couldn’t help but notice that the neighbouring sunloungers spoke German, not Scouse, the ladies drank Cava, not Lager, and the teenage girls read books, not iphones. My soothed soul smiled out.

Like I said, Mallorca to us is like a comfy slipper. I’ve been a handful of times, bhf a handful more, but never will we have too many hands for this place. There are so many different faces to it and we try to pick a new area each visit, but this time we chose Camp de Mar on the South West coast. The 4 star hotel, Gran Camp De Mar, was beautiful and I would happily recommend it to anyone – in fact we’re thinking of taking the kids back in October! The rooms are modern, bright and spotlessly clean, the food quality and selection is fantastic, and if you don’t mind sharing the spa with naked German blokes, you’ll love it! Their meat and two veg, along with their dancing skills, kept us entertained anyway!

This little protected cove of loveliness will take your breath away, but if you’re game for a hike up the cliffs, you’ll see the most amazing views and even a little secret beach – well worth the near heart attack trek.


A few celebrities own some nice pads on Mallorca, but nearby to Camp de Mar is the little harbour of Port D’Andratx, rumoured to host Claudia Schiffer, Michael Schumacher and Tom Cruise no less. Needless to say – its a great spot to people-watch and there are some fantastic restaurants too.


I’m almost a bit loathed to suggest a trip out to the capital city of Palma (its only 20 minutes away by car) because it’s defintely worthy of ‘weekend-break’ status, and a whole blog post to itself. But, maybe if you get an overcast day, or you’ve had enough German sausage, then sure – soak up Palma for a few hours. It’s  a mini Barcelona, and who doesn’t like Barcelona!? Gaudi, tapas, colourful and intricate architechture – and all with less tourists and more local culture. And better shopping!


Our little break away has given me back my mojo and left warmth in the parts that March turned cold. Not everywhere has the ability of making me feel so peaceful and charmed but Mallorca has a magnetism. So much so, I reckon one day we’ll possibly live on this island – it really is the dogs balearics!IMG_4125

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  1. Kati form Ms B Travels says:

    Wow! This place looks absolutely stellar! I think the hike to the secret beach – that one that must be pretty dangerous 😉 – sounds like something I would really enjoy.

  2. Christopher says:

    I doubt that Schumacher will be enjoying his house anytime soon! Never mind The Baleares, get yourselves over to Málaga; I’m having withdrawal symptoms!

  3. Michael says:

    We must go back one day and explore, it surely looks delightful ❤️

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