Ohio Fun And Roadtrip Photo Diary

We recently took a trip to the States to see some good pals, Glenn and Rachel and their 2 little cherubic sons Finlay and Oran, in Ohio. So I’d like to share our holiday highlights and some photo’s from our week of American indulgence.

I just have to start with the weather! I mean, we were expecting it to be cold but -24 just took the biscuit. Even Lake Erie froze! And unfortunately, because of ice-storms, we never even made it as far as Tennessee to see my old friend Emma. Apart from that though-the elements never stopped us from what has definitely gone down in our catalogue of ‘favourite holidays EVER’!

IMG_1314Lighthouse on Lake Eerie, Ohio

And the people, what a lovely bunch! Instant friend-envy ensued. By nature every one just seemed sociable and unreserved and happy to welcome us into their fold. One of the highlights was a Scottish Night hosted by our hosts. Such fun! And for the first time in my life, ever, I won something! My poem came third despite everyone else’s being far superior – an isolated phenomenon where my (poor English) accent actually got me somewhere. The food was, to coin a phrase, Awesome – nice work Glenn and Rachel. (I contributed by peeling some pears as well as perpetuating at the market; they patiently waited for me to take copious amounts of photos of food at the world famous Cleveland West Side Market) The night was a blast, many a whisky necked, 2 haggis (I believe the plural must be Haggi’?) set on fire, excellent rather cheeky poems written by all present, and many many laughs. What more could you demand from an evenings entertainment?

Clevelands West Side Market…

Pigs head at the food market, downtown Cleveland, Ohio

a fruit stall at the world famous food market, downtown Cleveland, Ohio

A collection of beers at the world famous food market, downtown Cleveland, Ohio
Glenn and Rachel debating the merits of pears…

Preparations for the big night and chicken and Haggis Wellington which was the best! If you come to ours for dinner anytime soon, this IS what you will get, so beware-all you Haggis-Haters….

Scottish Night in Ohio…

The morning after the night before…

So then we took to the road for a few days. In theory the Southern states should get better weather than Ohio but for the first time in 100 years Kentucky and West Virginia took record lows in temperature and masses of snowfall. It was fun. We got stuck only once, after driving around a housing estate looking for a bible-crazy golf. So kitsch. Two of the highlights for me were stumbling across a very famous hot dog shack (where the waitress sang you a tune if you tipped her!) and an old abandoned ghost town known Shawnee.
Bible crazy-golf and Hillbilly Hotdogs…

Bible crazy golf found in Kentucky on our American roadtrip

Hillbilly Hotdogs, Kentucky USA

Hillbilly hotdogs Kentucky, USA

Ghost Town-Shawnee. Most families abandoned the town when the local coal mine closed…

ghost town Shawnee, Kentucky

Some more from the road…

Hope memorial bridge, Cleveland Ohio

The week went quicker than a rabbit at the dogs’ and we’re both really missing Ohio and the entertainment which goes by the name Family Gibson. Time to plan another vacational frolic me thinks 😉

portrait picture with friends

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  1. Rachel Gibson says:

    Getting a giggle looking back at this picture of you enjoying a good old fashioned arctic vortex. Brrrrr.

    1. Alex says:

      We watched a programme about some cold place last night and we were laughing at the fact we went out for a walk in it-what WERE we thinking!?!?! Maybe next summer we’ll get the opposite end of the spectrum!?

  2. -24! Woah!! Well, the cold made from some really beautiful photos 🙂 It looks like an amazing trip 🙂
    – Marcella

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