The Best Things To Do In Birmingham On A Day Trip

The Best Things To Do In Birmingham – Day Trip Ideas The Venice of the North. The UK’s 2nd largest city. Birthplace of the Balti, Cadbury’s, Ozzy Osborne and the windscreen wiper. With those kinds of accolades it’s understandable you’re a little bit curious about a visit to good old Brum. Despite having the nations…

Things To Do In Bakewell, Derbyshire

THINGS TO DO IN BAKEWELL, PEAK DISTRICT When I discovered that a real Bakewell Tart didn’t look like this, not only did the bottom fall out of my world but the cherry dropped off as well! However, the scales were rebalanced again from our little trip to Bakewell in Derbyshire when it became obvious that…

A Day Trip Travel Guide To Hampstead, London

Have you been to Hampstead in London yet? This pretty leafy village has everything you need for a great day-trip from the capital. Views of the city, great places to eat, fascinating museums and beautiful secret parks. Not to forget the Heath too!
A Guide to Hampstead Village – everything you need to know.

A Weekend Break On The North Yorkshire Coast

The north Yorkshire coast has so many delights in store. Cute little fishing villages, historical sites, great beaches and culinary treats. A useful guide on how to get the best out of a short break on the north Yorkshire coast.

The Perfect Weekend In Cornwall Itinerary

Is Cornwall on your radar for your next UK short break? Get planning your next weekend away with our little Cornwall Guide that pulls in all of the best bits, giving you the ultimate Cornish experience.

Things To Do In Leeds – A Nutshell Guide On What To See, Eat and Photograph!

Leeds has recently become one of our favourite day-trip destinations; it’s intriguing, impressive and interesting.
But there are so many things to do in Leeds, we’ve broken it down into a nutshell guide so that you needn’t worry about missing the best bits. Now go on, start planning a visit! #Leeds #ukdaytrips

Our Summer Road-Trip To France; Part 5. The Dordogne.

We’d been on our 2019 France road-trip for just over a week now and, like every other holiday we ever go on, we hadn’t stopped for breath! Lyon (part 4) was on display behind us in the rearview mirror and as much as it had been a blast (we were pretty much born for city-breaks)…

Our Top 5 Best Walks With Heavenly Views In The Peak District

If the UK was a pregnant lady lying on her back, her swollen belly of miraculous wonders would be the Peak District in Derbyshire, England. In fact, if it wasn’t for Pythagoras and his theories, at its highest peaks you could wish to see both the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean on a walk in…

Our Summer Road-Trip To France; Part 4. Lyon For The Weekend

A Weekend In Lyon This is part 4 in a series of travel-diary type posts from our 3 week France road-trip in 2019. If you would like to start from the beginning you can find part 1 here. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more comprehensive Lyon Travel Guide – this post might be…

The 10 Best Places In Brittany You Don’t Want To Miss!

Brittany is magical – King Arthur legends, neolithic stones, an ancient culture and more pretty towns than you can dare to fit into one holiday. Follow our top tips on all the best places in Brittany – castles, beaches, hidden gems and tourist attractions

The 5 Best Sunday Roasts In Nottingham

The Traditional Sunday Roast To the French we are the ‘Rosbifs’ (Roast Beef) because of our love of a good roast dinner – goodness knows why they take offence when we nick-name them ‘frogs’! And, for centuries it has been the UK’s national dish, since the days when folk would drop their joint of meat…

Hotel Review; Island View Villa – Golden Beach, Thassos

It was a long journey from home that morning but when the taxi dropped us at our hotel in the dark, we just had this sense that we had struck gold with this one. We had definitely done our research for Thassos accommodation, but you never know – it’s amazing what an applied dose of…

Our Summer Road-Trip To France; Part 2 – Alsace Towns

Visiting Alsace Villages Having a vague idea of the beauty that we were about to encounter in Colmar, the town where we were staying for the Alsace section of our French road trip, it was a little surprising that once you are away from the ancient colourful town centre-ville, the rest of this UNESCO listed…

A City Guide – The 10 Best Things To Do In Oxford

We are lucky enough to live just over an hour away from this great city because there are genuinely so many things to do in Oxford that you could be making day trips for the rest of time and still not uncover all of its secrets. The City of Dreaming Spires, A Great University City,…