Revolucion De Cuba Bar & Restaurant – Nottingham

Revolucion De Cuba, Nottingham

The Past…

HB Pencils and Deep Sea Fishing… that’s what I think of every time I walk in this Cuban themed Nottingham bar. I have a friend who would send her husband to Cuba on his deep-sea fishing holidays with bags of HB’s for the poor kids. I also reminisce back to the time when this beautiful Nottingham building was a bar (Long Island) with claggy floors, terrible DJ’s and unstable banisters which often saw a fair (pole dancing) maiden come a cropper! Ah, how we laughed.

The Present…

These days the clientele are somewhat more demure and better behaved though. It’s the gorgeously high ceilings, beautiful tiles, dark wood and leather studded booths, the whole place just oozes sophistication – and that staircase… Honestly, it might be just a chain but I definitely want to high-five their interior designer. It makes me very happy when old buildings are restored; this is one of Nottingham’s Grade II listed buildings and I love the way they’ve contrasted the Victorian grandness with the Cuban rustic.

I Digress…

Truth be told – I haven’t even told you the best bit yet… OK, so I have a little thing about toilets. I hate toilet seats that move, and the disabled toilet – what’s that all about? One might argue ‘what are you doing in there in the first place?’ but come on people – the seat is too wide, plus, as a person of restricted growth, the option to hover is just out of the question! Anyway, what I’m saying is; I’m fussy when it comes to bathroom fixtures and fittings. Therefore, I feel I am the most qualified to announce that my Bathroom Award of Nottingham goes to Revolucion De Cuba!! *hears applause in head*

Have you been? Definitely the best public loo’s this fine city has to offer. The women’s at least, anyway. Luxury handwash and handcream, separate mirrors and seats to re-fix your make-up, not a moving toilet seat in sight. And the piece de resistance – the circular leather bed in the middle, á la Kanye and Kim. Perfect for those solitary roly-poly’s. You want to visit now, don’t you!?

Well, why don’t you?

The cocktails are great (especially if you’re a Rum fan), the food’s pretty good too, and there’s live music several nights a week. If you’re wanting a bargain its happy hour (2 for 1 ) every day 5-7pm and Sunday’s 2 for 1 all day on tapas, cocktails and coffees. Or if the rum loosens those hips, skip along merrily to one of their salsa social nights –  ‘for the real deal in salsa, Cuban music and Latin culture with live salsa bands,a resident international salsa DJ….and a lot of rum based cocktails!’ (Check their website for dates and times) Or, just come and have a roll in the loo’s!

Revolucion De Cuba can be found on Market Street in Nottingham – it’s one of my favourite bars in town but see my post ‘Put On Your Gladrags Nottingham’ for more idea’s on where to eat and drink in this nocturnal town.

Have you been? What did you think? I’d love to know what your opinions of the loo’s are too. Leave me a comment below…




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  1. Gin says:

    There is one in Leeds but I’ve always felt scared to give it a go.

    1. Alex says:

      Go for your life!!

  2. My husband and I went to Cuba two year ago and loved it. Your post took me back there for a moment. I will definitely have to take a visit. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Ann Williams says:

    Finally had time to read your blogs. Loved it – you have great descriptive and observational skills which makes for interesting read.

    My look for advice to write my Caledonian holiday up!!! ?

  4. I’d totally forgotten what this was like before. What a makeover!
    Here’s my question though, which kind of has to do with MY personal gripe: ethnic restaurants where the chef is NOT of the same ethnicity as the food he is supposed to be making. For example, there’s plenty of “Italian” restaurants where the chef is English, or in my case, Spanish, so I will not set foot in there. It’s a bit of a scam in my opinion.
    Getting round to my question, is the chef or at least one of the catering staff, Cuban? If so, then it would be worth visiting. Do they have Spanish speaking staff? That’s another must for me if I visit a restaurant that is non English. Spanish restaurants should have a Spanish chef and some Spanish speaking staff, Italian restaurants should have an Italian chef and some Italian speaking staff etc etc.
    I will keep your loo advice in mind by the way!
    Another great blog. Thanks Alex xxx

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