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Don’t Want To Cook!

5 years ago, in Williamsburg New York, we were treated to an evening at a hip foodie BBQ restaurant, where the tables were long and the meat was ordered by the pound. My mouth waters at the thought of those ribs and that brisket, so we returned home and set about experimenting with our slow cooker to try and replicate that evenings fare. It’s a cuisine that our family enjoys so much and often makes it onto the tea-time menu but today we found the perfect spot for those days when you just have to have someone else cook for you, RUB (Fletchergate Nottingham) and we weren’t disappointed.  

Table set up at RUB Smokehouse Restaurant, Nottingham 

RUB Smokehouse's Menu, Restaurant Nottingham

I could have ordered anything off that menu. (Except maybe for the sweet corn – Devils fodder if you ask me!) But being as the portion sizes are huge we shared a bowl of Nachos & pulled pork for starters. Check out that RUB Guac! 

Nacho's and Guacamole at RUB Smokehouse Restaurant Nottingham
Our ‘Mains’ choice was to share a Brisket Platter with ‘slaw and fries but due to an early start on the shandy’s, pre-RUB, it took us till we were nearly finished to realise they’d actually brought us the wrong order – we’d fully devoured a Pulled-Pork Platter instead! Don’t get me wrong – it was great, but we’d really wanted to try the beef! No problemo; after a quick word with our waitress and many apologies we were brought a HUGE bowl of brisket too! Now this was mouth-wateringly gooood.

RUB Smokehouse's Restaurant Interior, NottinghamExcellent Service

Far too often in Britain the service is appalling and you’re made to feel bad for complaining about their mistakes, goodness knows what the yanks must think of us when they cross the water (as if men wearing socks with sandals isn’t bad enough to take in) so RUB really made my day when it went all out to follow in our American neighbours footsteps. With a kind whisper and a wink we were told not to worry if she’d brought too much for us to finish-she would box it up for us to take home. You can only imagine Richards face at the thought of his ‘left-over lunch’ tomorrow. He’s already dreaming of that thick oozy gravy on a slab of bread.

Garlic gread at RUB Smokehouse Restaurant, Nottingham
When I checked out their website RUB later on I read alsorts about the integrity of the owners, plus the decor, plus the craft beers and infamous brownies, and I’m sure it’s all true but you can’t try everything on your first visit! The food was great though and the vibe was fun and funky, but the icing on the cake for me was the service – it’s often the cause of many a growling conversation as we leave bars and restaurants in this town, finally somewhere has got it right! Nice one RUB.

The Details

Address: Adam’s Walk, 2-4 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham NG1 1QS
Phone: 0115 947 4420

Saturday 10am–1am
Sunday 10am–12am
Monday 12pm–1am
Tuesday 12pm–1am
Wednesday 12pm–1am
Thursday 12pm–1am
Friday 12pm–1am

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  1. Michael Robinson says:

    Sounds amazing, we have got to try it when we are over next

    1. alibali55 says:

      We will. Got to go back for the ribs and brownies.

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