Santa Comba Dao

Santa Comba Dao

We thought we’d take advantage of the clouds today (think The Simpsons sky) and make a trip to Santa Comba Dao, a pretty little town 15 minutes away. The Bombadeiros Station (fire-fighters) put their free time to good use by running a little farm for abandoned animals and birds. My good friend Chris Short will be happy to know I stayed well back from the parrot.

We took a lovely stroll next to the stream down to viewing area over the river, it’s very picturesque. Squeezed in a stop for ice creams too.


And no visit to Santa Comba Dao is complete without a visit to WanKings, an allsorts shop which sells everything from carpets to key-rings, plastic donkeys to magic pants. Rich and I love to visit for obvious immature reasons but for anyone who knows India well will know that when she’s wandering round this place she might as well be in her own personal Nirvana or Shangri La – we stipulate ten minute time limits or we’d never get out!


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