Son of Steak, Nottingham

Where do you go for the best steak in Nottingham? Son of Steak of course

Jamie Oliver told me to go and get some flat iron steak from the butchers. He also said they might call it feather steak too. But, after leaving 3 boucherie’s empty handed I nearly had Joules on the phone to classify her husband as a liar (although she already knew that cos he never cooks naked). That was until one kind man from Central Pork, rubbing a cleaver on his blood stained apron, told me Jamie was right – there is such a thing. In fact, not only does it exist but it is known as The Butchers Share, a thing of rare beauty and locked away in butcher-safes across the land to be enjoyed later by them and their beloveds. But for some reason he was letting me in on this secret and after returning from the back with a bag of 4 fillets and change from £10 I felt pleased I’d not wiped the jam off my shirt that morning – he obviously thought we were kindred spirits.

You see, in our house steak is king. Many hours go into perfecting the ultimate fillet or rump and many more into creating mushroom and whisky sauces to go with them. But Jamie had told us about this new elusive cut of beef and said that if you cooked it right you’d discover a taste sensation. No wonder the meat-boys kept it for themselves.

However, we soon deciphered it wasn’t the easiest cut to cook and reverted back to good old rump, my falt-iron searches had been in vain.

Son Of Steak – Nottingham

So, you can imagine our interest was piqued when we heard there was a new restaurant opening in town which was specialising in this awkward piece of beef. In fact, so in love with steak are we that we very rarely order it when we dine out because it often just isn’t worth it compared to the fillets we cook and eat at home. This was going to be interesting! But, when you’re offering something as your speciality, surely we can expect it to be good right? The guys at Son of Steak felt that there was a gap in the market for affordable steak in a relaxed environment, with the focus being on cooking these unusual cuts to perfection and, who am I to argue?

Well let me tell you, they’ve got it right! Food critique doesn’t come that often on this blog because there are just too many great restaurants out there in Nottingham, but once in a while a place makes me completely gush, like a great big gushing thing, and the story just has to be told!

Where to go for brunch in Nottingham? Try Son of Steaks hash browns and flat iron steak, or stay for lunch and try some bao buns. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Nottingham. Read on for my restaurant review...
Image : Son of Steak

The Best Steak In Nottingham?

It is true, there are certain restaurants you can rely on in this town for a high class British meal : Harts, World Service, Hand and Heart. But the cost of a steak at these places makes you save them for special occasions. Therefore, it’s about time someone came up with a solution to this, somewhere that won’t break the bank but still offers excellent steak : there is obviously a niche here. So have Son of Steak managed it?

Well, from just £6.50 you can order yourself a juicy piece of Beef that will knock your socks off!

I cannot recommend the Flat Iron and the Picanha highly enough – the flat iron is so succulent and the Picanha so flavoursome I would struggle to choose between the two. Thankfully, I’m not in the habit of dining alone yet and  I can share both choices between Mr MLLH and myself!

And it doesn’t stop there. For £3 you get two sides from a well thought out Sides Menu, the flat mushrooms and the hand-cut chips being my persuasion. Or pay a little extra for a gourmet side, and can I just say : the mac ‘n’ cheese is the perfect accompaniment. And, whatever your steak cut choice, be sure to add the beef dripping gravy to your order for just an extra £1 – it’s the finishing touch on something already oozing in flavour.

Food Review : Son of Steak do the best steak in Nottingham at a price everyone can afford. Fact. They are arguably one of the best places for lunch in Nottingham too if you've tasted their bao buns and brunch menu
Image : Son of Steak

What About The Rest?

Set in a Saloon style bar with nods of decor to the animal which has brought them their fame, this is the perfect kind of joint to bring your friends or family. The atmosphere is relaxed, with an ‘order at the till’ service that Nando’s has made so popular – a great idea if you’re eating in a big group or don’t want to split the bill. The decor is funky but super comfy as well, especially if you manage to nab a diner style booth. And, the staff are attentive and friendly adding to the ultimate experience.

Son of Steak is a great place to eat with friends, a relaxed friendly atmosphere with great service. One of the best places to eat in Nottingham and certainly the best steak in Nottingham.

The rest of the menu is interesting too, with a few unusual additions for the more adventurous palate. I absolutely love their Bao Buns, a Taiwanese street food of steamed dumplings and pulled beef with all sorts of extra flavours oozing in each mouthful from the shredded vegetables and Yakiniku sauce. I’m not sure I’d swap my steak for a bun but they’re perfect as a lunch choice.

The bao buns would definitely make the best lunch in Nottingham.
Bao Buns

Leave the burger alone though. Son of Steak have certainly shown their strengths in cooking unconventional cuts of beef to perfection and I cannot fault the accoutrements that go with it but if you’re after a good burger, you’re in the wrong place – there are better ones elsewhere (Read : The Five Best Burgers In Nottingham).

Equally, their dessert menu is limited, but fret not – Trinity Square is fast becoming the food triangle of choice in Nottingham and once you’ve downed your Mojito (which incidentally is better than any I’ve had in a cocktail bar. Big words, so shoot me!) you can grab your cake or gelato from just a few feet away at either The Pudding Pantry or Creams.

Son Of Steak will do well, of that there is no doubt. It’s already a favourite with my family and it has certainly filled a fillet shaped hole in Nottingham’s foodie scene. You can’t book, they leave their tables open, but the wait won’t be long, if there is one at all, and it’s worth it anyway. So head on down between the hours of 9am – 11pm for brunch, lunch or dinner and make sure you let me know what you think!

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  1. Mel Butler says:

    The food here looks so very yummy that it made my mouth water. If only they had a restaurant in London, I would be there in a heartbeat.

  2. Jurga says:

    This left my mouth watering, Alex. That steak looks absolutely delicious! It’s a good thing we’re about to bbq here 😉

  3. I think a trip to Nottingham is on the cards!! I absolutely LOVE steak and for those prices wow!!! The food looks delicious! Definitely somewhere I would want to eat regularly!

  4. Jane Taylor says:

    It really does have the most delicious, succulent, juicy steak, doesn’t it? Plus, you know what a stingy Northerner I am so it’s at a price I’m prepared to pay, too! Great review.

  5. Arianne says:

    Oh wow everything sounds so yum!! Great article girl, I love reading your writing and adventures!

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