St Andrews & The East Neuk

Sunset Skies and Scottish Pies…

Two weeks of no school – time to reunite the kids with family. We love living in Nottingham; the right mix of culture and entertainment combined with a life we’ve grown together which feels good. But, there is no replacement for family and ours are both too far North to take advantage of quick cups of tea or ad-hoc dinner invites. Not to mention lifts to the airport, free babysitters, excuses to sharpen your sarcastic wit (without loosing friends) and opportunities to test out new ‘looks’ knowing you’ll get an honest opinion! It’s sad, and often feels like a hole in the heart, but it does make for lovely breaks away which I imagine probably feels more special than an impromptu ‘night-in’ watching rubbish TV with the ‘rents (don’t get me wrong – I love the sound of that too!)

First stop, South Queensferry. Home of Mr Muir. You can’t help but spend a long time staring at the colossal chunk of Red iron that spans the Forth, and its neighbour (the forth road bridge) is pretty impressive too, but now they’re building a third!  *rubs thighs at photographic opportunities – how often do you get three monstrous structures in one lens!?* So, after a packed lunch in the ‘ferry’, we took a boat trip around the islands, heard lots of enchanting stories and saw puffins and seals. Magical.

St Andrews

We had the opportunity to leave the wee boy with his granny for a few nights so we could explore Fife a bit more. Hence we left, quickly, chuckling at the thought of the kind of juvenile conversations granny might encounter these next few days, dust clouds in our wake as we sped to the coast!

St Andrews is the prettiest University town you’ll ever see – a secluded and remote place (not even a train goes there!) yet conversely teeming with life and buzzing with excitement, which I naturally put down to the mix of student population and earnest tourists. And that’s before you even mention the golf! Hosting a ‘blue flag award’ beach too, we ambled through the dunes, took in the sunset and watched the keen golfers stand on that infamous 18th hole Swirlcan Burn bridge. I just found out that it was built 700 years ago for shepherds to cross. Wow!


The East Neuk

The next few days we trundled down the coast, back towards Edinburgh, visiting all the little fishing villages, like Pittenweem and Anstruthers, on the way. Cheeky seagulls, fish and chips (with an obligatory bottle of IronBru), lobster nets and a lump of Scottish tablet with your cup of coffee in the harbour. The pace is much slower than St Andrews around here and the people have a warmth to them which embraces you and makes you feel like you left your fluffy bed-socks on by mistake. So relaxing.

A Bit Of Ibiza On The Side

Lovely. And all well and good, our little holiday to Scotland, but it’s been a while since we saw my family too. So, on our return a last minute trip to Ibiza was booked! Hoping for a bit more temperate weather I packed cases full with shorts and t-shirts and sunscreen. Here goes the 2nd week of the school holidays! ‘Robinson’s Hit Ibiza’ doesn’t quite sound like the laid back rendezvous we’d encountered up in Scotland, but I’m telling you straight – the next few days were as chilled out as a hippy picnic on a Sunday. Blue skies, giggling kids, gorgeous turquoise coves, old cobbled towns, Bohemian free-spirits fishing with a line of twine and cocktails during one of the best sunsets in the world. Is it really Monday tomorrow? What a fab 2 weeks! 


the narrow streets of Ibiza Old Town

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  1. Michael Robinson says:

    Memories are made of this, your bag is filling up 🙂
    See you all soon for some more happy times xxx

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